What goggles are right for me?

Do you find yourself in a pickle when trying to select the perfect pair of goggles? You buy the best looking pair, the ones with tinted lenses and funky multi functional strap. You then parade around the pool deck with them, jump in the water only to find out that they leak!

When choosing goggles take the following into consideration:

  • Look for a pair of goggles age appropriate. All goggles will display wether they are junior or adult goggles on the packaging.
  • Establish if you are going to be swimming with them indoors, outdoors, or both? This will help you to decide on lens colour and lens size. It might be an advantage have larger, tinted metallic lenses if swimming out in the sun.
  • Are you looking for a fixed nose piece? Is the bridge of your nose wide or narrow that you might need an adjustable nose piece?
  • It is important that you fit goggles before you buy them. Do the goggle suction test. Raise your eyebrows. Press the goggle cups against your eye sockets without making use of the strap. For a good fit the goggle cup should suction to your eye socket.
  • Having a split strap, or double strap will keep your goggles in place. Look how the goggles strap fits to the goggles and make sure you are happy with the ease of adjustment.
  • Look for quality.  Your goggle strap will last longer if it is 100% silicone and not rubber latex.  Your goggles will feel more comfortable if they are a soft silicone and not plastic.

Happy goggle shopping…

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