Custom printed swim cap return policy

Our product has been supplied by the same source for over a decade. In that time the number of returns on caps has been very limited. It took us a while to find a great, and very reliable product, but after two decades in the business, we are confident we now have that, and have had it for a long time.

Nothing is perfect, and sometimes things happen: packages are punctured in transit for instance, so for us to claim no returns would be unfair on our customers. By the same token, the longevity of a cap is heavily reliant on it’s care, and the longer a cap is out of our hands, the less we feel we can be held responsible for it. So we have to draw a line somewhere.

On top of the fact that we touch and look at every simgle cap that we put out (printing is manual, it is not done by machine), we randomly take a few caps out of every print and run them through our own stretch test. This test gives the cap a reasonable test, based on the assumption that head sizes range between 45 and 60 cm in circumference.

When will we return a broken cap?

Caps break for a number of reasons, a lot of which are related to mishandling by their owners. Caps that tear around the ears are most often the result of misuse of this type.

However, asking coaches to police the use of these caps would be a big ask, so we take on some of that burden. We offer an 8 day (from shipping date), no questions asked, return policy on our caps torn around the ears. We feel this is fair because it is highly unlikely that these failures are due to anything but misuse. We also offer an 18 day (from shipping date), no questions asked, return policy on seam-torn caps.

There is always a “but”…

We don’t want to ever have sub-standard product in the market. Our reputation is very important to us. So if a failure happens on one cap, that is fine, an anomoly, and we will just replace within the period. If it happens on more than one cap though, we will ask for the entire batch to be returned (at our expense), so that we can test them all. Note that to date, we have never had to do this.

We want you to have the best product. And we want that product to last a long time.

Get hold of us at, if you have any problems with your caps. Thanks, for your continued support.

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