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100% Silicone swimcap, Non-toxic, Non-allergenic, Highly elastic, inside embossed for extra strength, long lasting, pure comfort and great value.  One size fits all.   Our South African Slang Silicone cap is printed with the finest quality ink for brilliant adhesion.

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Everyone who has visited South Africa would have been exposed to some South African Slang or phrases.  This silicone swimming cap offers a culture trip of words used in the country. Well known slang words have been placed randomly on either side of the silicone swimming cap.  Any person who has lived in South Africa would be familiar with the terms.  A unique, nostalgic gift for an expat who is obsessed with South Africa.  A quirky, fun swimming cap.

For a better understanding of the words used on the swim caps, here are their meanings:

Gatvol – I’m fed up; klap – to smack or slap; vuvuzela – a long horn blown by fans at soccer matches in South Africa; bakkie – a light truck or pickup truck; Howzit – used as a greeting; equivalent to ‘hello’ or ‘how are you?’; eina – used as an expression of pain or distress; bliksem – to strike or punch; robot – street light or traffic light; ag man -a filler word to express irritation or resignation; just now – now and time are a flexible concept in South Africa which is why “now” can be a bit confusing;  geyser – water tank;  boet – brother; biltong – air dryed meat; bokkie – little buck/or a girl friend; jol – party;  babbelas – hangover;  tekkies – sneakers/trainers; hayibo – This Zulu word is usually expressed for something unbelievable; jebo – yes; lekker – nice; slops – flip flops; braai – BBQ; boerewors – type of sausage; eich – A Khoi-San expression for when someone experiences surprise;  dop – an alcoholic drink;  bru – Used to call a friend, pal or buddy

Our black silicone ‘slang’ swimming cap is 100% Silicone.   These are Non-toxic, Non-allergenic, Highly elastic and are inside embossed for extra strength, long lasting, pure comfort and great value.  One size fits all.   Our  South African Slang Silicone swimcap is printed in a high gloss white ink.

Our caps are packaged in a printed 22cmx12.3cm OPP bag with euro hole.

Packaging consists of a printed OPP bag with a euro hole for display retail purposes. Our minimum order is one cap.

As all computers display colours marginally differently, please use the images on our webpage as a guideline to the actual product colours.

HELPING CHILDREN PUT ON THEIR SILICONE SWIMCAP:  Make sure there are no sharp objects like hairpins in your child’s hair as well as making sure that you do not have rings on your fingers that are sharp enough to pierce through the silicone cap. If you can get your child to wet their hair this will help to fit the swim cap.  If your child has long hair roll it into a bun and ask your child to hold it in place whilst you put your hands into the cap with the seam aligned over your knuckles and loosely cross your fingers together then stretch the cap out carefully. If your child is able to hold the front of the cap against their forehead just above their eyebrows this will help.  You then simply lower the cap over their head and slide your hands out of the cap.  Tuck in any loose bits of hair and make sure it is on properly.

 Your child is now ready to swim.  Never let your child put on a swim cap by grabbing the cap and pulling the sides over their ears as sometimes they will use too much force and they end up ripping a piece off the cap or a fingernail might accidentally pierce the swim cap

To remove the cap simply grab the front of the cap and pull it off upwards and over the back of the head. Once off make sure young children do not bite the cap whilst nervously waiting for their race!

CARE FOR YOUR CAP:  If your swim cap is handled and cared for correctly it is long lasting.  Rinse your cap with clean water (not from the pool), dry it inside and out with a soft towel and sprinkle with powder before packing it away.  Avoid contact with sharp objects.  Handle with care and not force.

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