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Single and small order custom swim cap printing

Looking to print a small order? There is a reason why no one will do it for you. When we print a cap there is a lot of work to do. Artwork, material preparation and storage and logistics all play a part. With a tiny order of less than 25 caps, it costs our company more to produce small amounts. In truth, it takes almost as much effort for us to print 10 caps, as it does to print 25. For us to charge close to the amount we charge for 25 caps, to do 10 caps, feels extortionate to us. We have never advertised it because we don’t want to appear as a company that charges ridiculous rates for our product.

With the above in mind we say to you: If you would like us to print only 10 caps, we will do it for you. But know that the rate you will pay is not indicative of our normal pricing per unit. We advise you to get your money’s worth and get us to print closer to 25 caps, but if you are prepared to pay the high unit price, we are happy to do the work.

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