Are your Goggles Fogging up?

How to stop your goggles fogging up

Goggles that fog up can be a real hindrance to your workout. How frustrated do you get when you start swimming and then your goggles start misting up and you can’t see a thing. Here are tips to help end this problem.
Start with buying a pair of goggles that fit your face and prevent leakage.
You should always try on your goggles before buying them. All faces are different shapes and sizes and no single pair of goggles is going to fit all. Buy goggles that are Anti-Fog. Most goggles come standard with Anti Fog coating these days.
Do the goggle suction test. Raise your eyebrows. Press the goggle cups against your eye sockets without making use of the strap. For a good fit the goggle cup should suction to your eye socket.
Try to establish the reason why your existing goggles might be fogging up. Besides the fit, has the Anti Fog coating rubbed off or become less effective over time? If so, use a commercial anti-fog spray or liquid or use your own saliva and spit into the goggle cups. Your saliva stops moisture particles from connecting with each other. Try a small amount of toothpaste, shaving cream or baby shampoo. Is your face hot and your goggles cold? If so, splash your face to cool off.
Always read goggle instructions and read up on ways to preserve your anti fog coating. Rinse in cold water after use. Keep lenses clean and away from dust and grease. DO NOT RUB, SCRATCH OR WIPE THE INSIDE OF THE GOGGLE LENS. Keep goggles in goggle pouch when not in use to avoid the lenses getting scratched.

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