Avoid sharp objects such as hairpins in your child’s hair as well as making sure that you do not have rings on your fingers that are sharp enough to pierce through the silicone cap. If you can get your child to wet their hair this will help to fit the swim cap.  If your child has long hair roll it into a bun and ask your child to hold it in place whilst you put your hands into the cap with the seam aligned over your knuckles and loosely cross your fingers together then stretch the cap out carefully. If your child can hold the front of the cap against their forehead just above their eyebrows this will help.  You then simply lower the cap over their head and slide your hands out of the swim cap.  Tuck in any loose bits of hair and make sure it is on properly.  Your child is now ready to swim.  Never let your child put on a swim cap by grabbing the cap and pulling the sides over their ears as sometimes they will use too much force and they end up ripping a piece off the cap or a fingernail might accidentally pierce the swim cap.

To remove the cap simply grab the front of the cap and pull it off upwards and over the back of the head. Once off make sure young children do not bite the cap whilst nervously waiting for their race!

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Natalie is the founder of Podium Swimwear. She has been creating swimwear since 1995. Natalie is currently based in Hampshire, UK.

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