So, what are the most comfortable swimming goggles? The most comfortable swimming goggles are ones that fit, protect your eyes, do not fog up and serve the best purpose you need them for. 

We all have different body shapes and we also have different face profiles. Whilst some goggles seem to fit most, like the Podium Sprinter Goggle, others are designed or can be adjusted to fit a unique face shape.

Goggles come in adult and children sizes, make sure yours are the correct size.  Your goggle eye cups must have a good suction on your eye socket.  This is important if you don’t want your goggles to leak or fog up.  Some goggle eye cups are made from a soft silicone and this makes them more comfortable on the eye socket.

Depending on how our eyes are set will determine the model of bridge or ‘nose piece’ design. Some goggles have a set nose piece whilst others have interchangeable nose pieces for a more accurate customised fit.

Lenses come in different colours, and choosing the correct colour for the light conditions you are swimming in will help you have the best swimming experience.  In overcast conditions you might consider a clear lens or an amber lens, in brighter conditions you might want a mirrored goggle lens.

If you wear prescription glasses or contact lenses you might opt for prescription goggle lenses. 

The shape of your lens is important too.  A full wrap around lens is a common choice for open water. Competitive swimmers will benefit from a more streamlined, low-profile lens aimed to reduce drag in the water.

It is important that your goggles have UV protection, especially if you are swimming outdoors. Thankfully most brands, like Podium Swimwear, have UV protection on their entire goggle range.

Single straps, double straps and split straps are the most common goggle straps. A double or split strap is most effective as one strap is worn higher on the head offering you a secure hold.

Natalie Clothier

Natalie is the founder of Podium Swimwear. She has been creating swimwear since 1995. Natalie is currently based in Hampshire, UK.

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