Splasher Infant Goggle Bright Pink

Infant Goggle, recommended for 2-6 Years.

UV & Anti Fog Lens Protection.

Set Nose Piece.



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Splasher Infant Goggle Bright Pink

Infant Goggle recommended for 2-6 Years.  UV & Anti Fog Lens Protection.  Set Nose Piece. Double Silicone Strap.

EYE SAFETY WARNING:  Do not wear goggles in the event of eye irritation. Take care when removing goggles.  It is recommended that teachers, coaches or mature swimmers demonstrate to young children how to wear, adjust and remove goggles.  SURFACE USE ONLY.

GOGGLE MAINTENANCE:  Rinse in cold water after use. Keep lenses clean and away from dust and grease.  DO NOT RUB, SCRATCH OR WIPE THE INSIDE OF THE GOGGLE LENS

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