Team Swim Cap Design

Points to Consider when choosing a design for your Team Swimcap

Identifying your swimmers in the water can be tricky from a distance. These simple tips should help you spot them better. Consider the following when choosing and designing a Team Cap:
1. A bold, simple design that will ‘read well’ from a distance. Club initials are effective and often used. Detailed, multi colour badges can not only be expensive to print but most times get lost in the water.
2. Making use of bright contrasting cap and ink colours. Making sure that the print has good contrast to cap colour.
3. Choosing a club cap colour that is unique to your team. Avoiding common colours that a lot of the other club teams use will help your team to stand out.
4. Use standard ink colours such as red, green, yellow, sky blue, navy, white, maroon or black. Avoid using mixed ink colours where there may be a varience in colour on each order.
5. If you are personalising the caps with individual names, make sure they are a set size and font.
6. Make sure your Silicone cap is at least 50-55g thickness, (a Podium Silicone cap). Hair colour will show through some thin caps. Your team will look less uniform.
7. Competitive swimmers need the design to adhere to Fina Regulations. Find out what the regulated size of the sponsors/manufacturers logo should be. There is a certain size that your national flags (or elements thereof) can be. Personalised names have a maximum size they can be

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